A message from the Anti-Banana Society

Banana Information


The following is a list of currently know information about bananas. Use this at your own risk.

i) Bananas are yellow and look yellow.

ii) Most bananas also have black bits.

iii) Bananas speak ‘Urdu’

iv) Bananas have currently infiltrated every country in the world.

v) A banana, as of yet un named, is suspected to have murdered JFK

vi) You all know about Roswall? Weather balloon indeed – guess what fruit was REALLY responsible.

vii) Even wondered why we don’t see as much fruit shaped like bananas around? I mean, there’s hundred of spherical stuff – apples, oranges, tomato’s, grapes, rockmellon… the list goes on. And yet, no banana shaped stuff (except the moon)

viii) Bananas are sometimes confused with watermelons.

ix) Several months ago, there was a plane bombing. Terrorists? or bananas….

ix) Bananas are evil

x) You can’t take a banana interstate.

xi) How many sites have your seen around PROMOTING bananas?

xii) How many TV/Radio programs are based on bananas? Or even books.

xiii) Bananas mature much quicker than humans.

xiv) Err…


From http://www.antibanana.org/bananas.html

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